Kymrie Henge

Kymrie, the assumed stage name of Elise Porter, is a Tyalgum based multi-media artist
and the conceptual driving force behind Tuscany In Tyalgum.

Growing up in Tyalgum, Kymrie has been surrounded and inspired by the beauty of the Northern Rivers natural landscape. Homeschooled whilst persuing her love of dance, Kymrie trained in classical ballet, embarking on a professional career
with the New York City Ballet. However, due to injury life took an unexpected turn, which saw a shift of focus
to music and the creation of Epic Folk band 'The Heart Collectors'.

With three International Tours, and 4 Studio Albums, the band has been a primary passion for Kymrie over the past 5 years. Simultaneously, has also been studying the language of art and devling into the history of past traditions,
graduating from Curtin University with Bachelor of Fine Art.

Tuscany In Tyalgum is a culmination of Kymrie's interests, from local artistry to European fashion. 

Karla Kavanagh

I was born in Trinidad & Tobago and have been painting since I was a child. I now live in Pottsville, NSW. I stopped painting in my early adult years as I was working full time in different professions. Many years later, I started painting again just for fun while looking for a job (I changed career paths at this point). I discovered creating was a huge stress reliever. During that time, I fell back in love with it. Therefore it was something I wanted to continue doing and possibly do as a business.

I ‘draw’ designs on fabrics using a wax type substance similar to batik. I colour the designs using dyes. All my pieces are hand painted.

I spend a lot of time in nature which inspires me to create. Most of my pieces have come about from things I have seen outdoors. I also have a passion for preserving the environment and conservation which I hope is reflected in my work.

James McKay

James has been painting in watercolour for over 25 years and has exhibited his work in galleries throughout Australia and Southern Africa for the last 10 years.

James was born and spent most of his life on a farm in Africa where he started to paint scenes from the farm and African life. Some 20 years ago he moved to make Australia his home, and fell in love with the Australian landscape particularly the old farms, the warm soft colours and the light. This inspired him to paint more seriously.

He paints loosely in watercolour using wet into wet techniques - “the faster I work the more feeling the painting has”.

He does a lot of his work on site and is passionate about painting in the great outdoors.

Clare Johnson

Visual artist Clare Johnson is the visionary behind Miss Prissy's Adventures.

"Miss Prissy is not of this world," says Clare.

"A little mischievous but uplifting, she sees the world in a different way."

We look forward to sharing our works with you at beautiful Tuscany

29 Coolman St, Tyalgum, NSW 2484